Kingsley™ will be a place unlike any other in the area. With one foot in the future and one foot in the past, we will make a place that is both meaningful and unique to Fort Mill. With such a rich history and promising future, we are carefully weaving materials, styles, spaces, architecture, and landscape to create a unique and differentiated place. We feel that the most exciting and interesting places are those that are unexpected; the places that change the conversation, and make us think about a place in a new way. That is what we will do at Kingsley™. We are at the intersection of a textile heritage and an information future. This junction provides exciting opportunities for sophisticated, interesting, and vibrant buildings and spaces. It is from our fascinating history, bright future, and confidence in Fort Mill that a unique architecture and landscape will arise.

A style that uses industrial cues to make places for people. Materials, plants and spaces are collaged rather than contrived.